Sunday, 5 June 2011

What Not To Do If You Are A Stage Hypnotist!

One of the worries that many hypnotherapy clients have when they come for hypnosis for the first time, is that once in a hypnotic trance they will not be able to return to their full awareness and somehow stay 'stuck' in the trance state. This would never happen as the hypnotised client would be more likely to fall asleep and then wake naturally, or if there was an emergency such as an alarm going off, they would be able to bring themselves back to full awareness pretty quickly.

But if you volunteer to join in a show given by a stage hypnotist, you do not expect to be left in the hypnotic trance. So imagine what it was like for three participants in stage hypnotist David Days show when he tripped over one of their legs on stage and knocked himself out. He had just given the three hypnotised volunteers on stage the suggestion that they were Martians, before he had his unfortunate accident.

The stage crew who rushed to help David Days, were unable to bring him round, so the Emergency Services were called and the auditorium emptied.  Luckily for the three 'Martians', Days did eventually come around while still at the venue and was able to emerge his hapless volunteers from their hypnotic trance. and rescue them from the Red Planet!

Afterwards the participants who had been hypnotised said that they had been aware of the drama unfolding around them, but because they were comfortably in the hypnotic trance they just did not feel like moving. Apparently Days did have a voice recording with him to emerge people out of the trance in case of emergency, and luckily Days did not need to go to hospital for treatment and escaped with a just a few bruises!