Saturday, 25 July 2009

Hypnotherapy Directory

Recognising the need for help is often one of the biggest steps on the road to recovery. But once the initial decision has been made there are numerous issues to consider - practical and otherwise. What about, for example, location, money, professionalism?

This is where The Hypnotherapy Directory comes in. It was set up to provide a simple, easy, and most importantly un-daunting way of connecting people that need help with the people that provide it. A comprehensive searching tool, the site allows postcode, town and country searches of the whole of the UK, and produces a list of hypnotherapists registered in this area. Each hypnotherapist has a profile, listing a bit about themselves, their approaches, what areas they deal with, and all their training, qualification and experience and fees.

The site shows which hypnotherapists are registered/accredited with a professional body, and full profiles are only displayed after insurance and qualification documents are checked or membership with a professional body has been verified.

Hypnotherapy Directory has also become a huge information bank - there are articles written by hypnotherapists, as well as comprehensive information on all kinds of distress - from depression to eating disorders to phobias, to help people identify their problems and become informed, not scared.

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