Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Do We Have A Sixth Sense?

There was an intriguing article in the Daily Mail today as to whether we have a sixth sense. It looks at a new book by Larry Dossey called 'The Power of Premonitions: How Knowing The Future Can Shape Our Lives' which outlines many examples where people have dreamed of future events that have actually come to pass.

The article gives examples of a little girl who had predicted the disaster in Aberfan in Wales, several examples of premonitions before 9/11 and the story of a mother who had removed her baby from its crib because of a dream where a storm caused a chandelier to fall into the crib, only for the chandelier to crash down at exactly the time that was pinpointed in her dream.

The article and book also highlight the phenomenon of doomed flights and sailings that have less passenger bookings than would be expected. Apparently the planes that crashed into the World Trade Centre were 74% and 81% empty. Also, the incredibly wealthy J.P Morgan cancelled his passage on the Titanic at the last minute because of a hunch.

The author believes that premonitions are a natural human ability, as it would make evolutionary sense for humans to develop an aptitude in sensing impending dangers and take steps to ward them off.

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