Saturday, 28 November 2009

Could Hypnosis Be A Cure For Hangovers?

Christmas is around the corner and it is a time where we all tend to over-indulge. So don't we all wish that there was a rapid cure for a hangover? Something that would make the headache and the sick feeling go away. Well this article from HypnoBusters shows how hypnotherapy can be effectively used to block out pain and relieve unpleasant symptoms in a hypnotic subject.

The article rightly cautions that hypnosis for the alleviation of pain should only be used if you are absolutely certain that your feelings of discomfort are being directly caused by your alcohol consumption the night before. If there is any chance that your symptoms are being caused by another condition or injury, you should always seek the help of your medical practitioner.

What if you don't have a hypnotherapist handy? Well, you can teach yourself self-hypnosis and give yourself the suggestions regarding pain relief. Search around, there are lots of good books and articles on the subject, or see your local hypnotherapist, who will be able to teach you.

Remember though, pain is the body's way of telling you that there is something wrong. Therefore, it is not a good idea to use hypnosis to suppress pain, before you have had the causes medically checked out. Also, in the case of an injury, it is also not a good idea to completely block the pain, as it is the pain that is mainly stopping you from using the injured part of your body and causing it further damage.

Of course, if you are experiencing the discomfort of a hangover rather too frequently, you may wish to work with a hypnotherapist to uncover the causes of your heavy drinking and move forward to a healthier pattern of alcohol consumption.

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