Thursday, 4 February 2010

Need Help for Nail Biting or Hair Pulling?

Biting your nails or persistently pulling out your hair are very distressing habits.  They can be painful, cause physical injury and be damaging to your appearance.  Nail biting and hair pulling are habits and are a sign that the person is stressed and anxious.  The habit inevitably leads to further stress as having bald patches, chewed down, painful-looking finger nails and no eyebrows or lashes, can lead to isolation and have a detrimental affect on someone's family and social life.

So what can be done about these self-harming habits?  Hypnodude has written a very informative Hub on how to break yourself free from the habit of nail biting or hair pulling. In the Hub he provides a very clear description of both habits - onychophagia and trichotillomania - and steps that you can follow to free yourself fromm your habit of nail biting or hair pulling.

Read on to learn how to use self-hypnosis to cure yourself of nail biting and hair pulling

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