Sunday, 24 January 2010

Hypnotic Trance Faciltated By Brain Asymmetry

Tests conducted by Peter Naish of the Open University point to the fact that those who go into a hypnotic trance more easily are more likely to have an imbalance between their brain's two hemispheres.

This challenges the belief of sceptics who say that hypnotic trance is not a biological function, but simply a case of some people being more susceptible and willing to act out the trance. However, the recent research suggests that during hypnosis there is actually less connectivity between different regions of the brain and a decrease of activity in the rational, left side of the brain and an increase of activity in the more creative right side.

Naish's tests suggested a successful hypnotic trance required temporary domination by the brain's right side, which might be easier to bring about in people who tended to have an imbalance between the two spheres of their brain even when they are not in the trance.

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