Thursday, 28 January 2010

Increasing Magnesium in Diet Can Boost Brain Power

Scientists have discovered in a study that rats fed a magnesium supplement improved their memory and learning ability.The research, done in China, shows that the magnesium supplements encouraged connections between nerve cells in laboratory cultures.  The study then proceeded with rats being given extra magnesium in their diet, and found that the higher level of brain magnesium stimulated different forms of learning and memory in both young and older rats.

It is believed that around half the population in industrialised countries have a magnesium deficit that increases with age.  This magnesium deficit could contribute to age-related memory decline, so taking a magnesium supplement could reduce the effects of this decline or even prevent it.  Foods that contain magnesium include nuts, pulses, avocado, halibut, spinach, brown rice and milk products.

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